MedCara Pharmaceuticals
MedCara Pharmaceuticals

Who We Are

MedCara, LLC is a biotechnology company. MedCara Pharmaceuticals seeks to discover, develop, and commercialize major pharmaceutical products independently and with partners.

MedCara's proprietary, systematic, compounding-based platform, is designed to accelerate the discovery of new drug uses and to expand intellectual property coverage of drug candidate compounds and classes of related compounds. This approach has formed the basis for commercial collaborations compounding pharmacies that retain rights to downstream revenue for MedCara Pharmaceuticals.

MedCara's flagship product is WartPEEL ®, a topical treatment that eliminates planter and common warts. The Company has a number of other proprietary formulas in development.

MedCara's drug design approach combines diverse technology disciplines and an integrated organizational philosophy to increase the speed and success rate of new drug applications and development. Within a dynamic core framework of pharmacology, pharmaceutics, and biophysics, MedCara Pharmaceuticals and its business relationships with compounding pharmacies have developed a variety of proprietary drug formulations.

The MedCara brand has been able to accelerate new uses of drugs which increase success rates in early development compared to industry averages.

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