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Introducing a one-click pain relief from the innovators of WartPEEL...

NEUtopic gel delivers a eutectic mixture of NSAIDS through the skin using a rapidly drying and Unique Micro Derm Abrasion formulation. It is used to treat musculoskeletal pain and inflammation. During application, the Micro derm crystals disrupt the top layer of the skin in order to ease the passage of the highly active eutectic blend of ibuprofen and ketoprofen. This combination provides a synergistic method of drug delivery and unique advantage over other available topical NSAIDS.

NEUtopic is dispensed in a "click" dispenser for easy and accurate patient application.

The NSAIDS consist of ketoprofen and ibuprofen, 6% (w/w) and 4% (w/w), respectively. Inactive ingredients include isopropyl alcohol, carbopol, aluminum oxide, water, peg-8 caprylic/capric glycerides. Pilot study data has shown that patients receiving NEUtopic gel experienced a rapid onset of pain relief (less than 4 hours) with sustained relief of up to 12 hours with just one click.

Please download our NEUtopic script pad. (Pdf Icon PDF)

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