Q: Can Rhus Tox be used to treat an active case of poison ivy?
A: We are required to list an indication on our bottle. The indication must be approved, and was taken from the Materia Medica 9th ed. Again, we could not list prevention as an indication. Rhus Tox can be taken by a person who has an active case. With dosing directions from Natural Creations (MedCara's contracted supplier) this is 10 drops under the tongue twice daily until better (generally 1-2 days up to 1 week). This may be an opportunity to use products such as Zanfel, antihistamines, hydrocortisone cream etc. for symptom relief during the active case and have patients start the Rhus Tox according to our dosing directions for further prevention.
Q: Is Rhus Tox safe for people of all ages, including young children?
A: According to Natural Creations, yes. They recommend dosing at 1 drop/year of age once daily for one month, and then 1 drop/year of age once per month. (Ex: an 8 year old child would take 8 drops once daily for one month and then 8 drops once a month thereafter).
Q: Is Rhus Tox safe to use during pregnancy or breast feeding?
A: According to Natural Creations, yes, however I don't think a pharmacy should put themselves into a situation where they are recommending this for pregnant women.
Q: The label states to "Keep out of the reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, seek professional assistance or contact poison control center immediately." What is the danger if a child would drink the whole bottle?
A: According to Natural Creations, there would be no real danger from the Rhus Tox. The vehicle is 20% alcohol and the total volume is 30ml. This is a statement that is required on all homeopathic drug labels.
Q: Is there anything to avoid taking directly before or after a dose of Rhus Tox?
A: Although there is no supportive data, many homeopaths believe a person should avoid using Rhus Tox directly before or after mint mouthwash, coffee, or other strong beverages or foods. It would be best to have the person dose between meals and nothing by mouth for ½ hour after dosing.
Q: How long will it take for a person to become desensitized to poison ivy after using this product?
A: There is not a real clear answer as it varies from person to person, based on how allergic one is. Generally, it takes 1-2 months. If extremely allergic to poison ivy (i.e., exposed patient becomes covered in poison ivy due to rapid spreading), solution should be taken year round. Many people may fall into this category and this question will come up often. If a person continues with no breaks, they would not have to repeat the weekly doses.
Q: Will Rhus Tox interfere with any other medications or disease conditions, including prednisone taken for poison ivy?
A: According to Natural Creations, most all (but not every) homeopathics will not interfere with any disease state or disease condition. Rhus Tox, in the 6X/12X strength will not interfere with any other medications or disease conditions including prednisone, according to Natural Creations.