About MedCara

MedCara Pharmaceuticals, an early-stage pharmaceutical company focused in the dermatological market, was organized as an LLC in the State of Iowa in 2006. Its flagship product is a topical treatment for resistant nongenital cutaneous warts called WartPEEL. The wart therapy indication represents an unprecedented opportunity because WartPEEL would be the first FDA approved topical prescription drug available for the treatment of resistant warts. MedCara has combined two proven drug actives and developed a novel topical formulation of the drug for treating resistant warts. The Company has been self-funded since inception and is now pursuing financing to fund the execution of its on-going clinical development programs. The active ingredients in WartPEEL have been approved by the FDA, and thus from a regulatory perspective, MedCara's product is a reformulation, combination drug.

To learn more about investing opportunities, please contact Tom Swegle, CEO – tom@medcara.com – 515.577.6758. Please download (Pdf Icon PDF) our executive business summary.